New Kitchen, Exterior Decks, & Roof Terrace

San Francisco, California

Awards: Regional Winner, Subzero/Wolf Kitchen Design Competition 2007

This Victorian conceals a white, clean line interior that accentuates the activities of living. The kitchen design looked to create a thickened wall where the white cabinets and appliances disappear to focus on the center island gathering both cook and diner together. The lowered cooking side of the kitchen is backdrop; white cabinets and stainless countertop, while diners sit at a marble countertop, reflective of the shape of the room and supported off a wall veneered in walnut. The former kitchen becomes a walnut entry vestibule and toilet room box. Moving outside to a new deck that extends the width of the house where it is possible to sit adjacent to the living room which can be opened, climb the new steel stairs with mahogany inserts to the new roof deck atop a steel reinforced garage or go down to the gardens and out to the garage.

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