Eichler Remodel

San Mateo, California

Plum Architects is very fond of the precision with which the Eichler homes were designed and built. They are simple, pragmatic and economical, all while celebrating the architecture. They conceptualize home in the Frank Lloyd Wright tradition with the focal center hearth while utilizing technology to meld indoor outdoor living with such openness afforded by the single span. They are elegantly proportioned, and are not lacking in detail. Materials previously covered with plaster finish are exposed; concrete block, plywood siding on an interior wall and exposed structure.
Our design aimed to be a delicate balance of historic preservation coupled with micro embellishments that enhance comfort and adjust to cultural refinement. The Atrium and adjacent bedroom are joined by a sliding glass door in keeping with the merging of interior and exterior. The bathrooms have been enlarged for enjoyment. The kitchen configuration remains a galley, but is opened up for participation. The finishes are muted to the beauty that is outdoors, to the objects of daily life and to the playful artistic whimsy of the owner.

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