Exterior Alterations—Back Yard Fun, Front Yard Decorum

Saratoga, California

This 1970’s ranch built on a large lot with mature trees and non-stop fabulous California weather provided ample opportunity to create outdoor living space in the back and curb appeal out front. The owners wanted an outdoor kitchen with a movie screen, outdoor lounge area with protection from the heat of the day while offering warmth in the evening with a fire pit, and dining area seating for large groups. We resurfaced the pool, created a bluestone deck transitioning to a concrete patio that provided the area for lounge seating with canopy. A large screen TV telescopes up from the bar. The pergola wood deck provides intimate small group gathering directly off the kitchen and the center concrete patio provides large group dining in an enclosed and well planted court. We planted new throughout the property and utilized Audrey Newell’s, owner of The Foxy Garden expertise in natives and drought tolerant plants. The front yard was transformed with a new brick driveway in a serpentine layout pattern, site lighting and planting throughout. The island between the street and driveway was planted with the desire to create a four foot buffer between the street and home. The house was painted with consideration of features and shaded areas.

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