Cole Street, San Francisco

This project began with a city-mandated seismic soft-story retrofit and total gut of what had been a laundromat, which had destroyed the floor deck and structural joists. The structural implications and associated fireproofing left their mark with the space being modulated by columns and beams with lots of gyp board. This became our challenge. The owner of Wooden has loved anything made from rustic wood since he was a child, so bringing that charm and warmth back on a budget was our task. Further, the space is fairly large for a coffee house, so striping the walls scaled it down and allowed the bar to sit within the context of the space, rather than be the object in the room. The contractor, Grand Finishes, successfully built the bar and cabinets of solid walnut and the counter and tables from one huge slab of reclaimed Douglas fir to highlight the qualities of wood.

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